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1 Minute Bun with a Scrunchie

The title of this tutorial pretty much sums up all of what this hairstyle is: a bun with a scrunchie. Believe it or not the only thing you need is a scrunchie!! It seriously is the easiest thing in the world and will give you the perfectest bun every time.

The time limit for this hairstyle is only about 1 minute max. The concept of twisting it around the scrunchie is so simple and fast that it hardly takes up any of your time. That’s why this hairstyle would be great for all you late wakers in the morning that need something quick.

This also seems to just fit in with the whole fall feelings as well because its bun season and they always seem to roll with any sweater you’ve got styling. I especially love wearing it with some overalls and a warm shirt since it just kind of pulls the whole look together.

The best part really is that it looks like it took a lot more than just a scrunchie to pull off this look, but that’s what gives you something to brag about when all you used was a single scrunchie. Send this hairstyle to someone you think would love something quick for any kind of lazy day and check out the full video tutorial below. Other than that, have fun styling!


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