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3 Ways to Decorate Pumpkins as Food

Halloween is coming up and I thought I would give you some cute decorations or simply something you can do with your plain old pumpkins. One cool thing about these decorating ideas is I am teaching you how to make them into food. Well, not real food, but once you make them, they look pretty realistic. Just don’t be tempted to try to eat them. 🙂
The first pumpkin is the strawberry. This one mostly ended up looking like a tomato that had its seeds inverted to the outside. Except, I got the perspective of my mom that it looked like a strawberry, so there is your proof. This pumpkin doesn’t require much, and it still turns out a cute way to make your pumpkin into food!

Supplies: a pumpkin, red paint, green felt, black sharpie, hot glue gun, scissors

Step by Step:

  1. Paint the entire pumpkin red
  2. Once dry, draw on seed-like dots all over the pumpkin
  3. Cut out some green felt to replace the stem on your pumpkin and cut out some leaves as well for your pumpkin
  4. Take your hot glue gun and apply it onto your felt then place it on your pumpkin to your desire
  5. Then to add some texture to the leaves, roll them or bend them to have a droopy look to them. Also cool tip, if you spray them with hairspray, they will hold their shape better.
  6. Optional: I did cut out smaller sections of felt to make it look more like a strawberry
The next pumpkin is my personal favorite, the donut. This one out of all these pumpkins, looks the realistic. When I got finished with it, I legit would have believed someone if they told me it was a real donut. The main reason for this is probably because of the real sprinkles that I applied on top. This adds to the 3D look and applies to the look of the authentic donut. I got hungry after making this donut, so I would have went and eat a donut, but I didn’t have any sadly. Comment below if you are like me and don’t have a sign of treats at your house.

Supplies: pumpkin, brown paint or any color of paint to represent your frosting, cream paint, real sprinkles or just colorful sharpies if you prefer, maybe a pencil

Step by Step:

  1. You can start by removing the stem of the pumpkin to let it sit flat and so you will have something that represents the center of the donut, but I personally liked the stem to be there since it sort of set the pumpkin up in a way that looked good when put up for decoration. Don’t worry though, I just turned it upside down and the bottom represented my center.
  2. Paint the entire pumpkin with the cream paint
  3. Once dry, if you would like to have an outline for your frosting, take your pencil and do so
  4. Now use your color of frosting you chose and paint your frosting on the pumpkin
  5. While the paint is still wet, take your sprinkles and sprinkle them on top so they will dry stuck to the pumpkin along with the frosting
The third and final pumpkin is the Caramel Apple. I have to say, these past two look the most real. I want to pull a prank with this pumpkin to put in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory or something like that where they have Caramel Apples and see how many people would be tricked. Should it be a future video? Let me know in the comments! Except this one does take a little longer than the rest since there is a lot of drying that has to take place, but it still turns out ‘sweet’ in the end.

Supplies: pumpkin, green paint, caramel or light brown paint, 11 1/2 x 6 1/2 sheet of white card stock paper, glue gun Optional Items: dark brown paint, sprinkles, ribbon

Step by Step: 

  1. Paint 1/4 of the pumpkin green
  2. Paint the remaining pumpkin with the caramel or light brown paint (Tip: If you are going to add sprinkles, don’t pain the bottom portion quite yet)
  3. Optional Steps: Since I wanted to make my caramel apple more realistic, I took some globs of brown paint and spread it on the pumpkin to represent chocolate (make sure your other paint is dry)
  4. To add the sprinkles, paint the bottom of the pumpkin then immediately apply the sprinkles while it is still wet so they will stay.
  5. Now take the card stock paper and roll it up and tape it
  6. Then apply some hot glue to the bottom of it then stick it on the stem of the pumpkin
  7. To add some more real effect, I tied a bow to the roll of paper
Make sure to comment down below if you have any other ideas you have seen pumpkins decorated as food. Also if you try out these pumpkin ideas, tag them with #3PumpkinsasFood. I am sorry about these delays but I am finally happy to give you my way, my style, Jewels Cool Style of pumpkins decorated as food. Keep Styling!
Still confused? Watch the video below!

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