It’s hard to describe in words who I really am since I am much better known by how I relate off of a computer screen. For one thing, my name is Jewelianna and I love my life!

I am a huge fan of Harry Potter (yeah, I know, I am one of those types of people). I love to read especially when I can sit and relax on a hot, summer day or curled up on the couch during a cold, rainy day. I am crazy for peanut butter and usually can’t last a week without it. I enjoy early morning sunrises when I run and biking into sunsets. On my days off, you can always find me creating new songs on my uke (ukulele) or having long jamming sessions on my guitar. I like to say I am an expert at tennis, but on occasions I am not always last to win. Yet, I still love to play the sport!

I come from a family of 9—5 brothers, 1 sister, and 2 amazing parents. My family is who made me grow to love the outdoors and occasionally have a few rounds on the Wii. Without my family I don’t know where I would be, more importantly, I don’t know where else I could find my joy and happiness if it weren’t for them. I also have a close connection with my adorable, black lab, Jet, but I’ve always yearned to own a pet hedgehog.

I am constantly told I never frown and I guess I have to agree! I can’t stop myself from believing this little life of mine is one of the happiest times I want to make for my life. As the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”


The Blog…

I have been sharing my blog since I was about 12. It has been a really slow progress, but I want to make it something that can last me well into my seniority. I at first wanted to just do tutorials on hairstyles since I love to do hair so much. Except, over these past two years I’ve really been wanting to give my audience more than just braids and buns. That’s when I began the change from Jewels Cool Hairstyles to Jewels Cool Style. I wanted to do a blog so people could see more than what I can do behind the hair. I actually really like to do crafts, DIY’s, and enjoy experimenting anything I get my hands on, especially food! I also want to be able to help all girls, tweens, women, and yes even boys survive their young teenage years going onto adulthood. I am still young, but that doesn’t mean I’ve quit learning. There is always something new to discover each and everyday and whether its a life lesson or something simple such as taking out the trash, we can always find an insight to a small bit of knowledge within.

I also simply want to just share happiness. There are so many things I could name off towards my own, but to keep it short, I won’t go off naming all of them. The things I post on here towards my blog I hope will share a purpose to bringing a smile to someone’s face or even making their day 10x better! I believe we are not here on earth to be miserable and make mistakes, but rather lift up our hearts and make a change of our attitude. There’s a quote I like that says “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Our attitude is really our reaction to anything, so whether you choose to like what I post or hate it is all up to you. I still want to make it possible for everyone to get a chance to have fun while you still can and live young no matter what it is whether it be crazy activities, summer parties, fashionable hair, you name it!

I am always open to what my viewers like to see, so if you ever want to leave me some suggestions, feel free!! That’s what comments and emails are here for right??