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Avoiding Bad Hair Days

Imagine this…You just had the most wonderful dream of a daring prince who saved his gorgeous princess from her tower. Waking up from this sounds like a good wake up call, but when you reach the mirror, it seems your hair looks like a disaster from all that suspense. That’s right people, I’m talking about bad hair days! These are legit my least favorite thing to wake up to especially when I feel like “today’s gonna be a great day!” WRONG!! Except, I’ve had so many coincidences with bad hair days that I am here to provide you all with a little solution on what you can do when they come around. Whether it be knotty, oily, sticky, or whatever your problem might be, there’s a way!

Wet Hair

It’s always nice to have your hair nice and clean after a warm shower. Usually, it’s impossible to brush through. The obvious choice would just to let it air dry. It’s better and much more healthy to let your hair air dry before completely brushing through it. Except if you really do need to brush through your hair when it’s wet, I would recommend a wide tooth comb/brush. These things work magic mainly since the wider bristles help going through your hair a lot easier compared to a regular brush when wet.

Still, brushing through your hair is time consuming and sometimes can leave your hair in knots when you’re in such a hurry. Instead, try simply braiding your hair into a side braid! This literally my favorite thing to do whenever my hair is wet and I don’t feel like brushing through it. Yes, the braid does end up looking a bit rough around the edges since you have to sort of hand comb your way, but I think the messier the look, the cuter the braid. Plus, since your hair is wet, your hair will hold in better and can last all day!

I also like to use mousse. I like applying this when my hair is wet and I am just about to braid it. This helps hold in the braid and maybe even give you some cute waves for the morning.


Knotty Hair

Next to wet hair, this is one of dreadful situations of having a bad hair day. My hair usually gets this way after I just wake up or it’s been tied up in a bun all day. Everything is a struggle when it comes to trying to get rid of these ginormous devils. So, if this one of your problems, the wide toothed comb would be a good option, or just make sure you are keeping your hair well brushed whether that be right before you go to bed or as soon as you get up.

Using the right products can help too. When I shampoo my hair I don’t go with anything fancy, but rather something we all go back to in our younger years, baby shampoo! Clearly if this helped when we were kids, it’s got to be useful now right? But if you are more into something more generic, go for it. I would still look for shampoos that are tear free or tangle free. I like these types of shampoos since it’s much easier to work through the knots in my hair. You should also be aware that you are applying conditioner as well since that can help towards less tangles

Oily Hair

This might not seem like an all purpose to a bad hair day, but surprisingly sometimes oily hair can affect our hair to an extent that makes it not look good no matter what style we put it in. Most people would go to dry shampoo as the option. I don’t have anything against that, but I for one am not huge on spending a lot of money on hair products, but i have heard that it works magically! You can also prevent your hair from getting oily faster by applying less shampoo or none at al when you wash your hair. I’ve heard it been said that applying less shampoo will keep your natural oils from being removed and causing your hair to get greasier faster.

If that’s too much to handle you can easily hide away your oily look through a high bun. I love doing these especially since I can dress them up with a loose dress and just puff out my hair to make it a more messy look distracting from the fact that my hair is actually oily.

Another style I usually go for in oily hair, is two double Dutch braids. This look has really come back into style and I love doing these for an on-the-go sort of look. You can even pancake them to make them look even more full to give you a cute look for any oily day. Braids on, oil be gone. 🙂 The other great thing about these braids, that you can do them for any of the other kinds of bad hair days, and can even give you hope for a good look for tomorrow since you can get some cute waves out of them if you sleep on them.


Frizzy Hair

This is probably one of the most annoying types of bad hair days. No matter how many times you brush through it, the poofy look just won’t go down. The usual cause of frizzy hair is quite the opposite for oily hair, it’s because you mig be applying too much conditioner. Don’t ask me why, but for some reason too much conditioner can cause your hair to be more frizzy. Another way to contain frizz, is a more common way I am sure a lot of you have already heard of. You can take a dryer sheet and attach it to your brush and brush through it and that should help unfrizz your hair.

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and let me know if these tips are gearing you up for the school year, so you can survive it with no bad hair days. Comment down below any more of your ideas of a bad hair day and any great stories you guys want to share with me! Don’t forget to check out my video below on some more types of bad hair days and how we can relate. Please subscribe while you’re at it too!

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