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Double Decker Braids

I feel like as I am writing this I am going to write about some sort of sandwich. Like a double decker cheeseburger or a double decker BLT. You get the picture? But what I am REALLY talking about is these adorable Double Decker Braids! The drill team at my school is always doing these types of braids for a lot of their performances, and even though I am not on the team sadly, I still love this hairstyle! I never even tried it out before until I saw it on them and once I did, I immediately fell in love with doing them. They are really simple and just a nice way to hide the fact that you may have not washed your hair in a few days…(not to point fingers or anything)

If you notice, you can see my little hairs blowing in my face during these pictures because it was chilly!! It’s getting colder, but yet we still got no snow. Except from my shirt, it looks like I am dressed in snow, but I wish that was really the case ha. If you checked out last week’s hairstyle, I mentioned how it was great for the holidays, well guess what else is great too? This hairstyle! Plus it’s just fun to say.

When I was first recording this hairstyle, the braids were just going to be in a messy bun, but I noticed that as I was twisting up my hair, the braids sort of stuck out like accents to my bun and it just made the bun look that much cooler! 

Can you tell I’m cold now? Anyways, more about this hairstyle. So one good thing you can do with it, is you can wear it down, up, or even upside down. Ok maybe not that way, but there is a lot of ways you can dress up this hairstyle. Me, personally, I always like it better when my hair is up and pulled out of my face, but sometimes I get the occasional headache, so down with some curls is even better!

As always, I like to mention different ways you can style this because I really think you should be the ones to decide what your hair looks like and how it fits best with you. It is your hair! So one way is to do dutch braids instead of french braids. I am one that wouldn’t say no to that cause I love dutch braids. You can also decide like I mentioned earlier of wearing these braids with your hair down or up. It’s like what Cinderella used to say, “Should I wear my hair up, or down?”

I really hope you guys have fun with this hairstyle because it really gives out a good vibe to your hair. It not only has a great name, but a cute completion to either your messy bun or curly locks. I would love to hear how it goes for you so try it out and come back and leave me a comment on how it went! I also wouldn’t mind hearing a few ideas that you think I should try out in the upcoming weeks. I’m always open to anything!



Step by Step:

  1. First split your hair down the middle
  2. Now do two side parts on either side of the middle part, one right one left.
  3. Take those two sections and clip them off so they are separate and then tie off the remaining hair so it will not be accidentally added in.
  4. Remove the clips from one of your sections and grab some hair in the front and divide it into three pieces
  5. Begin a regular french braid by crossing the pieces over each other making sure to add in hair each time for each stitch.
  6. Continue to french braid until you reach the back/top part of your head then just braid the braid normally the rest of the way down securing with an elastic once at the bottom.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to the other section of hair we had clipped off.
  8. Once you have both braids, remove the elastic holding off the remaining hair.
  9. You can be done by leaving the braids down with some cute curls, waves, or just straight hair or take all your hair and pull it up into a high ponytail and twist the hair together to make a twisted bun/updo.

Still confused? Watch the full tutorial below!


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