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Fishtail Side Braid Combo

I’m finally doing another braided combo hairstyle. If you don’t remember any of my last combo tutorials than you definitely should check them out. I seriously love doing these kinds of hairstyles because they really bring everything together into one cool looking braid. Now you may or may not remember when I did a similar braid to this that was just called the french braid combo and in some ways it is a lot like this one! Except, the only difference really is that It is a side braid instead and we are french braiding the fishtail too. Either way, I think this one is a little easier than the last one since it is to the side which is easier to see rather than doing it in the back of your head.

After looking at these pics I never realized how messy this braid actually turned out. So in case you were looking for something that had more edgy side to it, then this is what you need! Fishtails in general have a unique look to them and already carry that natural edged look to them, so that’s what I think really pops the whole hairstyle together is by this braid. That’s also why I think it’s a good thing the fishtail is front, top, and centered since it is usually what people will catch on to first.

Excuse my faces in some of these. I didn’t realize how silly I was being. I guess my mom forgot to tell me when she was snapping. I guess this is a good way to show off my personality at least because I really am not quite as serious as I may seem if any of you watch my videos. You really can ask anyone and I am either cracking jokes or breaking down laughing because there is not a lot of things that make me frown. But we are talking about the braid here not me. Although, I really think these braid defines me in more ways than one. It’s simple, like many of the things I do, and cute just like me. ha Got you there

Please feel free to comment below some more of your ideas of fall looks that any of you like to wear, men, boys, girls, women, anyone! I really take requests from all because I have plenty of brothers here at home that I test many stuff on if you can believe it. Also remember to be mindful this month since it is the month of Thanksgiving and we all should ponder about life’s greatest blessings. Some things I am grateful for are especially my family, love, and most of all my hair. I really am glad I have such long locks that I can experiment with 24/7. What are some of yours??

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Bring all your hair to one side of the head then grab a section of hair at the top and divide it in half.
  2. Next take a little piece from one of those two halves and cross that piece under its original section to the opposite half. Then do the same thing from the other half
  3. Then for the next stitch do the same thing, but add some hair along with that piece of hair before crossing it under.
  4. Continue to do this until you reach about your ear then braid the fishtail normally for a few stitches until it is long enough to reach the near back of your head
  5. Tie or just use bobby pins to secure the braid and place it in the near back by lifting up some upper layers of hair and pin it underneath so the hair can hide the bobby pins or elastic
  6. Now take your remaining hair and braid it normally all the way down.
  7. Pancake everything and secure braid with elastic.

Still confused? Check out the video tutorial below!

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