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French Braid Tuck

I’ve been wanting to do this hairstyle for the longest time and I finally have gotten the chance to get it recorded. I have seen this hairstyle all the time and never really thought I could do it with my luscious long hair. But I have now proven all those reasons to be wrong because it is possible!
I was really excited to try this hairstyle out because it seemed perfect for these hot summer days that have been drowning us out. It simply replaces those boring ponytails, buns, and side braids to even nicer, girly look. I am usually not someone to love pretty, time-consuming hairstyles, but this one was so easy and fast to do, I just could not resist.
The other convenient thing about this hairstyle is that it pulls up your hair off your neck. For me, this is something I am all-down, crazy about. When I wear ponytails, they always end up turning out as a mess by the end of the day with my hair in knots, and buns end up at the nape of my neck since they don’t hold up very well with all my extra hair. That’s where this hairstyle comes in! It stays in nicely and is comfy against my head. Sometimes I can’t even tell I styled it that way. It’s nearly invisible!
Let me know if you love this hairstyle by commenting below and telling me where you would wear this or when it’s hot. I can say now, it’s something I go to in a heart beat it’s that relaxing and cooling. I would love to see your recreations. So post it and tag it with #BraidTuck. I hope you enjoy your remaining months of summer. Don’t let school beat you down!
Step by Step:

  1. Grab a section of your hair that is about a fourth or a half of my hair depending on where you want your braid to start. I preferred it in the middle so I grabbed about a half of my hair
  2. Next divide your hair into three sections and do one stitch of a regular braid
  3. For the next stitch, add some hair in, just like you would with a french braid.
  4. Continue to add in hair until you add it all in then braid it normal the rest of the way down, tying it off once you reach the end
  5. Loosen up everything by simply loosely pancaking so you will have space to tuck the braid up
  6. Next take your hair that is not french braided and tuck it up 
  7. If your hair is longer, you may need some bobby pins to keep it secure (I recommend the longer kinds)
  8. Optional: Take out some loose hairs in the front to add some texture to the look

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