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Fun Friday | Day 5 Workout

It is never too late to change the way you exercise – once you do, your body will thank you with a longer and healthier life.
David H. Murdock
Even if you think that you never have the time to actually come along and do these exercises, this quote solves that problem for ya. When you think it may never happen, just always know it’s never too late and as I say, yourself and your body will feel so great afterwards! You won’t ever regret the decision to start so why not now!?

Since I am pretty much calling this Fun Friday, it won’t really matter what you do with your hair. As long as it’s something that will work out for your workout, then that’s all you need. For what I did for today was two twists into a ponytail. Twists aren’t usually the best thing for holding your hair in, but I knew that they would be faster to do, and if you needed to go somewhere afterwards, your hair would already be done and look cute!



Fun Friday Workout
the workout goes as follows

You can really do what ever you want for today’s workout. Anything that you might need to work on for gaining some muscle strength or endurance, then go for that. I know that for me, it’s my abs, so if you just want to do a full workout of abs, then go for it, or just do a combination of other exercises! GOOD LUCK!

Today’s Recipe:
Healthy Granola

2 cups quick-rolled oats            2 cups Adam’s Peanut Butter,
2 cups plain cheerios                 crunchy or creamy
1 cup wheat germ                      1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup cranberries                     1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup nuts (almonds, 
peanuts, etc.)

Combine dry ingredients in a bowl (oats, cheerios, wheat germ, cranberries, and nuts).  Melt peanut butter on stove with honey until the consistency is thin enough to mix with other ingredients. Remove from heat and add vanilla. Once vanilla is thoroughly mixed; drizzle over dry ingredients. MIx ingredients together using a spoon or spatula. (sometimes it’s easier to mix by hand depending when using Adam’s brand of peanut butter). 
*This granola is a loose granola and is good to put over yogurt, ice cream, etc. It is not a bar granola.

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