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Hair Vlog in Montana

Our family recently returned home from our summer vacation in Lakeside, Montana. We actually went a couple years ago, but unfortunately, my brother didn’t get to come with us. We decided to go again so he could experience it! Our parents were amazing to actually find us a home to stay in for the week which was right at the lake! But this is not about our house, it’s about the hairstyles I did while we were there. Don’t worry, you can also find other fun things that we did there in the video below! ⬇

Day 1: Messy Side Braid
Driving is all that is needed to describe this day. We traveled for nearly 5 hours, until we reached Pocatello. I definitely wanted to sleep and do something that I could easily rest in, so I did a messy side braid. It was loose and VERY comfortable to wear for any type of traveling. I would definitely recommend this hairstyle for a day of traveling or flying for a long period of time. 

Day 2: Half Dutch Back Braid
This was another day filled with traveling. We drove for another 5 hours until we reached Montana–which is where we stopped for lunch. After that we went to visit my dad’s old home and barn where he grew up. I chose another simple braid, mostly because it was fast. I would recommend this one for a day that you may do some sight-seeing or even traveling. 

Day 3: Sock Curls w/ Pompadour
Day 3 was Sunday and for our family, we attend church so we can feel the Spirit and keep the Sabbath Day Holy. I wanted something that would help me feel clean and ready for church. Since sock curls are something I can wear at night and take out in the morning, I would recommend this for a day that needs to be quick and fast. The pompadour just brought some pop to the front for the look.

Day 4: Twisted Waterfall
My hair got washed this day, and it wouldn’t cooperate with me with any other hairstyle, so easy waterfall braid it was. This one was quick and easy. Today was also stormy, and we didn’t have any plans because of the weather. I would recommend this one for a day when you just need to do something that will cooperate with your hair almost every time.

Day 5: Side Mermaid Braid
After my latest tutorial on the Mermaid Braid, I wanted to experiment with it by changing it into a side braid. It worked and I liked how it worked to keep my hair back in a very gorgeous way. We did do some hiking this day, but even with the soft feel to it, it still worked out for all the physical activity. I would recommend it for a day when you may go hiking or for relaxation as well. 

Day 6: French Braid
I know we were right by the lake, by what’s surprising, from the 3 days we were there, we didn’t ever go swimming! We decided to finally do that for today. I always like pulling my hair up when I go swimming, even when some don’t. What more could there be to it than just a simple french braid. It’s one of the easiest braids and is great for swimming. Which means, I would recommend this one for swimming or a day out in the sun.

Day 7: Jedi Braid into Braid
Today’s day, was more water activity. We rented a boat and spent the day in the water tubing, skiing, and even simply enjoying the ride. I went back to another braid, but instead of it being just a braid, I added a Jedi braid to it to add some more. I would recommend this one for swimming and when you’re boating so you can have your hair pulled up to keep it from blowing all over the place.

Day 8: Twisted Wrapped Bun
This was the day before we went home. We didn’t really want to go anywhere because we really wanted to enjoy our final full day there at the lake. We went swimming, snorkeling, and rafting. We had a blast and I wanted something that could keep all my long hair up from dragging in the water and getting caught with anything while snorkeling. I would recommend this one for a day of swimming where you don’t want your hair wet or a way to style it up when swimming as well.

Day 9: Braid into Side Braid
We did lots and lots of packing on this day because as you might have guessed, we were going home. Of course, a braid is a great way to hold back your hair when doing housework and such and even with traveling like I had done with my braid for Day 1. I would recommend this one, for when you need to do stuff around the house and great for those lazy days.

Share your recreations with any of these hairstyles with #JewelsCoolHairVlog. Please try them all out and comment below with your favorite and whether or not you want to have a tutorial from it. I hope you all had a great summer whether you went on vacation or not and enjoy the remaining that you have!
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