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Halo Half-Up Braid

This really all was just like a quick last minute hairstyle that I put together. I was just sort of playing around with my hair and this just kind of popped in my head and this is what I got. Half-up braids have definitely gotten a lot more popular over the years and I have seen them floating almost everywhere on the internet and practically everywhere I go. For one thing, they are great for the holidays coming up since they give your hair a sort of dressy look and also a little spunk to your holiday pop.

I can’t really tell you why these are sort of trending, but I feel like it’s simply something new that girls can try for their hair especially since having it just straight or curled all by itself can be pretty boring. I for one love doing hairstyles like this since they give something to do for my hair when I am having one of those lazy days. This really is just a simple hairstyle too that hardly requires any effort. I also think it’s just a good way to draw the attention away from what your hair looks beneath whether it’s dirty, staticy, or just plain crazy.

Kudos to my dad for taking these pictures. Didn’t they turn out good for him just doing it free handedly? Anyways, enough about his wonderful workmanship, I just wanted to let you all know that it’s really up to you on how you style this hairstyle. I feel like I say that for about everything, but it’s true. That’s all I really want for you guys to get out of this is inspiration to do you for any of these looks. Since I can’t be you, and you can’t be me, it is just best to be yourself and express yourself by styling it either up, down, or even all the way around. You pick!

As I said, this is just really a great hairstyle in general because it just really is eye popping. I know a few of my friends that do this to their hair at school and everytime I see it I am just in “aw” mode. Do you ever have those moments? Maybe it’s just me. 🙂 ha Random Fact though, I seriously hardly pay attention to most movies since I am either looking at everyone’s hair or figuring out how I can do that to my own hair. So please please feel free to share this haristyle. I will leave a quick look of a tutorial down below in case you just need a brief look on how to do it all. If not, I am going to try to start writing out step by step instructions on how to do each of these hairstyles if you like to read more than watch. Love ya all and keep styling!

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Take your comb, and make a line part starting at the top of your head down to your ear on one side of your head.
  2. Tie back any remaining hair so it doesn’t get in your way. (This especially helps when doing it on yourself)
  3. Next grab a section of hair at the top and divide it into three pieces and began a regular french braid making sure to grab hair to add in to each strand.
  4. Continue to do this until you reach your hair and quit adding in more hair and just braid normally the rest of the way down.
  5. Make sure to go back every few stitches and pull on the hair to make it fuller and more pancaked.
  6. Once you finish braiding, tie off with an elastic then set aside.
  7. Do steps 1-6 again on the other side of your head.
  8. Now once you have two braids, take on braid and lay it across the back of your head and bobby pin it into place once you reach the opposite side of where the braid starts.
  9. Do the same thing with the other braid.
  10. Adjust or add any more bobby pins to secure the braids in place and pancake the braids more if needed to hide any excess bobby pins or elastics from the braids.

Check out the video below if you like visual representation more 🙂

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