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Headband Roll-Up + Heatless Curls

I know that a lot of you have been asking for a tutorial on how I do my curls, and I’ve decided to show one of the few ways that I do! Also, I wanted to kind of do a part two to my last Headband Roll Up video which has gotten over 300 views! Which is so awesome! Although, I think the more reason of this is because people are expecting it to be wtih a simple headband. So I thought I would do a tutorial on that today!

The tool that I used for my past video, was actually the easiest to use for any kind of Headband Roll Up. But there are others that can be helpful as well. I prefer the thin straps for people that have thinner and shorter hair just because they will hold the least amount of hair. Thicker straps usually work best for people with long hair like me and thicker hair as well since they will tend to hold more hair. In this video I use a thick strap because my hair is long and partially thick.

If you wanted to get some curls out of this hairstyle, the thicker straps are what you should move towards. In my video, I don’t actually teach you how to get the curls, but it’s pretty much the same concept you just leave it in all day or wear it at night, and in the morning, you will have some loose, tight, or wavy kind of curls depending on your hair type!



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Items needed:

  • Headband (either thick, small, or thin) {See which is best for you above}
  • Bobby pins if needed
  • Comb when necessary

Time Requirement:
2-3 minutes depending on hair length

DIY Skill Level:

Reading Tutorial:

  1. Begin with the parting of your hair whether in the middle, side, or your choosing.
  2. Next, place your headband centered in the back and front of the head.
  3. Now, take a medium size section closest to your face, twist it a few inches down, then take the headband and wrap it around the headband.
  4. Then, add some more hair to that section and again twist then wrap it around the headband.
  5. Do this again until you reach the center part of the back of your head.
  6. Repeat the Steps 3-5 on the other side until both wraps meet at the middle.
  7. Now you will take the remaining hair and either twist it in or just tuck and wrap until the hair is completely added in.
  8. OPTIONAL: Leave it in during the day or during the night, then take out your hair in the morning with some beautiful curls!

Enjoy Jewel’s Cool Headband Roll Up + Heatless Curls

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