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Hidden Headband Lace Braid

This is actually one of my favorite hairstyles I have done so far out of all the ones I’ve done. Since MORP is coming up for our school, I decided to do this hairstyle since it had the perfect relaxing/girly look to it which is perfect any kind of school dance.

As many of you know, I am a huge hipster. I’m cool for any headband and when I saw this way to use your headband, I fell in love immediately. It’s so simple and cute, and as a mother of many headbands, I just couldn’t help it.


A random idea popped in my head while I was getting pictures of this, I thought I would not only take pictures of my hair, but what the full-on look I would wear with it! As you can tell, it was a lace shirt with a cute lightweight jacket around it all to add some warmth during this winter/spring weather.


If you want me to continue to show you my full outfits for these hairstyles then comment below with your suggestions, and also leave a comment below with what you would wear this too! I love hearing from you guys, so don’t be shy!


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Items needed: 

  • headband
  • bobby pins
  • elastics

DIY Skill Level: 

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