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Holiday Pull Through Ponytail

We are getting right into the holidays and what better way is there than to do a great holiday hairstyle to get in to the celebrations? I actually have seen this hairstyle trending a lot all over the place. Pinterest has tons of recreations, but my most favorite was the one just as a messy, pull through ponytail. I will say that this hairstyle can be difficult doing on yourself since it’s a lot of effort towards the back where you can’t really see much, but if you scroll down to my video tutorial below, it gaves some good tips towards doing it to yourself so you can get the best result.

As of now, this whole month hasn’t really felt like Christmas because we haven’t had one bit of snow this whole month. That doesn’t really mean this hairstyle can’t still be holiday like. I really feel like you can wear this for practically any occassion too since it has still that dressy look to it and also a messy style for a regular day at work or at school.

For one thing, I know for sure everyone will be showering you with compliments when you wear this hairstyle. I really can’t tell you why everyone dies over it, but I think it’s just because it looks much more complex than it really is and yet still gives a great pop to your everyday pony.

I think another one of the best features about this look is that it makes your hair look thicker than it really is. I can tell ya just from these pics I definitely don’t have half the thickness as it looks like in these pictures, that is all from the pull through braid. When you really pancake and loosen it all up, it brings out your hair 10x better! That’s saying something especially when you may have the thinnest hair on the block.

I also really like how I can do this with my really long hair, because it’s a good hairstyle to do that brings up all of my hair without leaving me with a headache by the end of the day.

Please feel free to comment below your thoughts on this hairstyle because I love hearing about what everyone thinks! Also share this hairstyle with anyone you think would enjoy it whether they have short or long hair, it’s possible for everyone! You can even try recreating it as a side braid if you are more of one of those type. Whatever it might be have fun and keep styling!


Step by Step:

  1. Pull your hair up into a mid-way ponytail keeping it pretty loose instead of slicked back (I usually like to use my fingers to comb it back so it adds texture and prevents my hair from looking too combed back)
  2. Next take a small piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to hide it from being seen.
  3. Now split your remaining hair in half from top to bottom (so you have a top half and a bottom half instead of two halves side by side)
  4. Take the top half of your two sections and flip it over your head and clip it off if it is easier to keep it away or just have someone else hold it if you’re doing it on them.
  5. Tie an elastic on the bottom half an inch or so from the original elastic we used to tie the ponytail off with.
  6. Then split open the bubble like hair we made with elastic and grab the top half (the one we clipped off) and pull it through the bubble.
  7. Now take the other half that we used to form the bubble and flip it over away from the other half.
  8. Then repeat steps 4-7 until you run out of hair.
  9. Finish the braid with an elastic at the bottom then pancake the braid until it is to the consistency you want it to be. You can also tug on the front/top of your hair to make it more messy and textured.

Still confused? Watch the full tutorial below!

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