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How to Do a French Braid

I’m loving this fall weather right now and what could be any better for your hair then just a simple french braid? I’ve seriously been going nuts about doing this hairstyle during this time of season simply because I just love how it relates to a fall feel. It’s simple and soft against the head too. The best thing mainly is how fast it can be done. This hairstyle really isn’t anything huge or anything, but I decided to share it with you braiders out there just in case you may be struggling to this kind of hairstyle to do on your own hair.

It’s kind of depressing since my trees in our backyard haven’t even started changing colors yet. My dad said though our type of trees are usually the last to actually change color. Then, when they do, they lose their leaves really quick, so it usually doesn’t end up being a moment that lasts awhile and by then the snow takes over. Anyways, in case you were wondering if I took these pictures at a earlier time, I promise I didn’t. It would’ve been pretty thought if I had gotten a few with some fall colors.



One of the ways that I like to wear this hairstyle is by pancaking my braid and loosening it up more than what I started with. I think this really helps your braid stand out more and gives you that lazy and messy look that is always in trend for practically any kind of hairstyle. You really are the one that gets to decide how this braid ends up looking like at the end. Sometimes people do like having more tight fitting braids while others like the complete opposite, so have fun!

Leave me a comment below some of your favorite hairstyles to do during the fall, and if you don’t have any, let me know some that you think I should try out and show you how to do! I love taking requests, so don’t be shy. Also feel free to share this post to a friend you think would like to do this hairstyle. Maybe even help out your mom tomorrow morning with your sisters hair. Enjoy and tune in next week!



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