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How to Get Heatless Waves | Jewels Cool Style

Many times through each of my videos, my hair always seems to have that same wavy/curl look to it. This is usually because I have gone to school with my hair or wavy, or it was braided that day and once I came home it was wavy. I was born with naturally curly hair and as the years have gone by that those curls have slowly gone down to a wave. So now whenever I hop out of the shower, my hair is in waves and never straight. Except we’re not talking about my curls we’re talking about how I get my regular waves for everyday and this is what this tutorial is on today!

I start mine off like most everyone elses, I braid it. My sister taught me this method and ever since I learned it from her, it is amazingly mind blowing every time. My sister is someone that doesn’t have a natural curl but with what I am showing you all today, is definietly possible with natural or nonatural hair. 

You have two options for what you want to do with this braid. For me, I personally like to sleep on it because it’s actually healthy for your hair if you sleep with it in a braid. This just helps the hair from being damaged through the night. OR. . . You can braid it for the day and leave it in until the next morning and you will have even deeper waves! It really depends on your preference so you can do what ever you would like!

There’s really only a few items that you need for this hairstyle and that is water, mousse, and an elastic, DONE! My favorite part of this whole thing is being able to whip out my hair of its braid. It actually helps with giving your hair volume too! The waves are what really brings your hair its beauty and depending on how tight you do the braid, that’s how deep your waves will be. For example, my mom prefers softer and looser waves and so for her she would braid it loose, but I usually like it when my braids last the whole day so I choose tight. 

Keep Styling!
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Items needed: 

  • water bottle
  • mousse
  • elastic

DIY Skill Level:

Reading Tutorial: 

  1. Dampen your hair with water first making sure to cover every part of the head even the roots and scalp.
  2. Once the water is applied, add some mousse throughout the whole hair as well.
  3. Now grab a section and separate it from the rest of your hair (depending on where you grab your hair, that will determine the position of your waves. For me I chose a more natural part of my head, the middle).
  4. Next start braiding your hair as a regular french braid making sure to grab hair as you go down. 
  5. Tie an elastic at the bottom once you run out of hair and spritz your hair some more with water if you want your waves to last longer. 
  6. Sleep in your braid over night or wear it throughout the day and then take it out for your beautiful waves!

Enjoy Jewels Cool Heatless Waves

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