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How to Get the Best Beachy Waves

I know this post is going to sound like something I would’ve probably done during the summer, but even now having my hair down, as the weather gets colder, is definitely worth it. The best thing I have to offer for you with this hairstyle is that it requires not a single bit of heat (unless you count your body heat of course). Anyways, all jokes set aside, I still think this is really your best option for getting those perfect waves for practically any hair type.

I’ve mainly recently been really enjoying this hairstyle simply because how fast it is for me to do and the fewer minutes it requires for me getting ready for school the next morning. It’s almost something I do so regularly its becoming an addiction and I haven’t been really doing anything else with my hair, so I will warn you now.

You really get to decide how these get to turn out, whether it be by taking smaller sections as you braid or thicker ones. For me I really like them a little bit tighter just so they can loosen out throughout the day and still go for a messy, loose hair style. Another bonus to this hairstyle is how dressy it can look especially for those upcoming dances that could be coming around for your school like Homecoming or PREF.

Mainly the best thing about these waves is that they require no heat! People are going to die over how you got them. I even had also tons of people ask if this was all natural. These waves really are the next best thing to curling. I even prefer crimping my hair now more than curling since it’s faster and gives me a more fuller look.

If you want to learn the full tutorial on this hairstyle, you can by watching my video below. I hope you all give these a chance and comment down below some of your favorite hairstyles to have during the fall! I look forward to sharing with you all my upcoming videos, so don’t forget to check back and don’t miss out!

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