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Pancaked Braided Updo | Homecoming Hair

Exciting times are in season! Not only are the leaves changing color, but homecoming, PREF, and so many other school dances are coming up. Even Halloween for crying out loud! Except today’s hairstyle is really something I would recommend for any kind of formal events. It’s simpler than it looks, and it only takes about 10 minutes max! I would trade that over any day instead of curling my hair. Plus, whoever said you had to have your hair down for special times such as these.

Weirdly enough, it started snowing when we were taking these pictures. Crazy right?? I mean it hasn’t even reached November yet and we are already hitting winter, but the weather is still its perfect fall self. Anyways, just in case you were wondering what all those white droppings were it was just snow. 🙂 Comment below your favorite season!

The best thing about this hairstyle, is its great for all you girls out there that hate, or get annoyed by hair on the neck. I honestly don’t usually wear my hair down a lot that’s why I am dying over this hairstyle right now. I love that it’s got a look that isn’t too pulled back but a soft and gorgeous look great for showing off your hair for practically anything formal or dressy.

You can check out my full tutorial below and please feel free to pin and reshare this hairstyle! That’s all I really want is for every girl to feel confident and know how to get the best looks doing it their way, their style.

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