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Pros and Cons of Having Braces

I have been so busy this past month and it’s mainly from these bad boys I got hooked up on my teeth. Yep, that’s right, I got braces. I only have one word for them, so far, and it is annoying!! They have been up right painful and terrible, but it wouldn’t be right to not let you see what I really have been going through so here are my pros and cons of having braces.

My video is what you really want to watch but I will still give you all my pros and cons of what I think of them.

First getting them on
Pro: Having a new feeling to your teeth
I was kind of weird and didn’t think much of what it really was like to have braces, but I was one of those people that really wanted braces and wanted to see and feel my new look.
Con: Being in pain
I am just here to say that all the tips and rumors of having pain are true. Pretty much a few hours after I got them on, I was in so much pain that I didn’t want do anything. I couldn’t eat anything and my mouth was starting to get calluses and cankers. Life was miserable and I kept thinking I was not gonna survive with these on and immediately wanted them off.

Life a few days later. . .
Pro: More junk food and more attention
Well there is one thing to be excited about when you have braces and that is you get all the junk food you want. I got ice cream, applesauce, smoothies, milkshakes, and peanut butter!!! I know I got that before but to have that everyday for every meal is beyond compare. More especially peanut butter? Life wouldn’t be life without it especially life with braces.
Con: You have a talking lisp
Since I got them on, and even now I have a dumb lisp. You now not only look funny, but sound weird too! I hated this soooo much once I got mine on. I knew immediately I would sound like a snake every time I talked. Looks like all my flirting days are over. I am probably just going to stick with parseltongue I guess now and chat with all them snakesĀ #HarryPotter4dayz.

Life going back to normal, or is it?
Pro: You get to go back to eating real food again!
I was so excited to finally reach this milestone. Even though I missed those ice cream cones everyday, I missed those all those tacos, toast, sandwiches, and carrots too. I even was excited to eat corn on the cob. As a matter of fact, my parents got some for our dinner a few days ago, but that leads to the con of not being able to eat the corn off the cob, rather to cut it. Ugh!! Why do braces have to do this to me!!
Con: Getting food stuck in your teeth
Finally getting to eat real food again is nice, but there are those times when you eat a meat sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes along with an apple change things. You suddenly see a really cute boy in the hall who decides to come talk to you, but when you smile in return to talk to him, you reveal chaos in your mouth: Food stuck in every corner of bracket and wire there is!! Sadly enough too, your friends won’t even mention anything unless you finally ask them. I mean come on, I would at least say something after seeing their disaster in their mouth.

What happens now?
Con: Cankers, folding your mouth over, running out of wax, cleaning your teeth
Life with braces is a process. There’s pain in your mouth and you constantly have to check that your smile is staying clean. It’s been 18 full days since I have gotten my braces and I can say, it’s not stopping there. I still have a long ways to go. So mouth, prepare yourself!
Pro: Revealing a new smile
I am happy to know that there is one good thing waiting for me in the end of it all and that is my new smile. I never thought anything good comes out of having braces, but a new smile will definitely do.

Let me know if you can relate to this at any point and comment down below if you have any other struggles I didn’t mention and you deal with when having braces. If you want to get a better laugh out of this, watch the video below!!

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