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Tips for Getting Long Hair

I promised you all with a video full of good tips for the celebration of lucky March! So I have chosen to do tips about getting long and healthy hair. It’s been an idea in my head for a long time and I have waited so long to finally get it out there so all girls out there will learn to take better care for their hair.

As an extra bonus of you following me around on YouTube and here, I thought I would give you some more extra bonus tips that I may not have mentioned in my video. 

  1. The first tip is if you are on the verge of long hair, then a product I would recommend for your hair is Detangler Spray. This stuff works amazing for growing out your hair because as you spray it in the rough sections as you brush, they will be easier to clear out which will lead to less hair loss.
  2. The next tip that I have is if you are someone that showers a lot and can’t really find any solution such as dry shampoo, then do an oil treatment. When I was first growing out my hair, I actually tried this and it actually gave me smooth and shiny hair! It’s really important to have that natural oil in your hair so why not add some of your own Oil into your hair? What I did was take about a tablespoon of oil and heated it up just a little bit for like 10 secs in the microwave (you don’t want it boiling). The next thing I did was massage it into my scalp all the way to my ends. I left that in for about 45-60 min, and then immediately took a shower afterwards. I promise your hair will come out shiny, smooth, and maybe a little longer when you continue to do that. 
  3. I did talk about this in my video about not using heated products, but I do want to say that I am forbidding it. Even I myself can’t stay away from them. Except I don’t use them everyday of my life as most people like to do. So if I were you I would set the goal of using them less often such as 2 times a week and then later on like me, once a month, or every other month. If you make an effort to take them out of your life, you will not be sorry.
  4. This isn’t really an important tip, but I think it helps. If it is windy where you are at for the day, don’t wear your hair down! The wind will just catch it and once you get home, you will have a tangled mess. I know this for a fact since I have done it many times. 
  5. The last tip that I want to say is don’t cut your hair if you want it long. 🙂 That’s what my dad told me and in some ways that is true! You shouldn’t cut it every month or every 2 months; really you should only be trimming it every 6 months, since it kind of gives your hair some time to grow back from the time you first cut it. If you don’t want split ends, then don’t use heat and from that you won’t have to worry about trimming your hair that much anymore.  
I hope you liked these extra tips if you have any more tips or questions about growing your hair out, then leave them below in the comments and I will be sure to look at them. Have a great week and don’t worry be HAPPY!

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