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Weighty Wednesday | Day 3 Workout

“Running makes you strong, but weights get you stronger!”
-Jewelianna Nielsen
First quote ever made and I say it turned out pretty good, what do you think? It is true though and that’s the point I am trying to make with this is that weights are not just something to make your muscles bigger, they give you a good form and strength to your body.That’s why I think it is so important for you to involve this in our week workout, it will give you great strength especially for those flabby arms and/or legs.

For hair, it was again another hairstyle that I have already shown to you and I love to do it when I go weight-lifting. Since I don’t want to have my hair touching the gross and sweaty chairs that you sit on as you lift, I like to pull my hair up into a high bun to keep my hair from those things. It’s best to make sure that your hair is comfy as you workout which means I would recommend a scrunchie just because they are the comfortablest when it comes to buns.



Workout Session: Day 3
The workout goes as follows. . .

  1. ​Get up and go for around 10-20 min at any of your local gym’s to lift weights. 
  2. Remember to not push yourself too hard as you lift so you won’t have to wake up the next day with a pulled muscle. 🙂

Great Job!!

Healthy Crab Pasta Salad:
(Yield: 12-16)
12-16 cups Wheat Pasta (preferably                16 oz. Raspberry Vinaigrette or
shells or macaroni)                                            Italian Dressing
2 Broccoli Heads                                                1 lb. imitation crab
8-10 Medium Carrots                                         Fresh Green Onion, Red Peppers,
1 lb. Mushrooms                                                 and/or Jalapeno to sprinkle on top
10-12 oz. Monterey Jack Cheese,

Soak crab in salad dressing of choice (over night preferably)
Boil water on stove for pasta. After it has reached boiling point, add 12-16 cups of macaroni or shell pasta (depending on how many cups you would like to make). Boil water with pasta. When it has reached boiling point again, reduce to medium heat and cook for another 8-10 min – make sure to not overcook so pasta still has a slight crunch to it. Rinse pasta in cold water and pour in a large mixing bowl. 
Wash and cut broccoli =, carrots, mushrooms, jalapeno, red pepper, and green onion. STeam broccoli and carrots slightly to soften – but to the point that they still have a crunch. Add vegetables to pasta in mixing bowl. Mix together. Add soaked crab and dressing to mixture. Cut cheese of choice into cubes and add to mixture.
*If you want a more flavorful and creamier dish, drizzle ranch dressing along with the 16 oz. of raspberry vinaigrette or Italian dressing.

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